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The 2017 season started out bittersweet.
The new car was featured on Dirt-on-Dirt for a win. Sadly, the car’s builder and Ken’s good friend, Mike Humphrey, lost his life in an accident recently as well.

Hershel Roberts, my father and an inspiration to all!
Sunday, May 5th 2013 marked the third annual Hershel Roberts Memorial at the Quad City Raceway in East Moline. We were thrilled to see this great article about Hershel and the event on the front page of the sport section at Check it out here: Hershel Roberts still remembered

I also invite you to click on this link to watch a video that our local TV station, WQAD put together a while back. It’s a 6-1/2 minute story dedicated to my father’s inspiration to his family, friends, fans and an entire community.

When you are finished with this video scroll down on this page below the pictures to read more about his incredible passion to race.

Several days after this aired, dad and I jumped into a rental motor home with the intention of doing some camping up north. Wouldn’t you know it there happened to be a hitch on that motor home. Dad looked at me, I looked at him and with big grins we hooked up the race trailer and headed north. We hit three tracks dad had never raced. The first night he was leading with 8-laps to go when a water pump failed. He came in first the next two nights.

Hershel left us on May 3rd, 2011 after a five and a half year battle with cancer– but his passion lives on. We continue racing in his honor and have won 3 National IMCA Late Model titles.

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