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2017 August 15-16 Summer Class
Folks traveled from far and wide to join us in East Moline for our largest fall user class yet! We had a great time getting to know lots of new users and showing them all the things they can do with RCSNG – including recent features.

46 Locals came to the Summer RCSNG Class held at UAW 865/434/79

2017 August 14
Many of the RCS staff gathered together to relax and prepare for the fall class. Looking refreshed!

Connie, Terry, Patty, Sheila, Keri and Lori at the cabin

2017 July 31 – Region 4 Training
Ken and Jenny traveled to Ottawa, IL to participate in training at the Pat Greathouse Center. We were able to see a presentation explaining the extensive damage and progress made since tornado’s struck the area. Impressive! Ken and I used the opportunity to introduce the many newly elected folks to the software and all it can do.

Ken Roberts


Roberts Custom Software’s 25th Anniversary!
2017 April marks 25 years since Ken began Roberts Custom Software. We’ve always been driven to give you the customized tools and support you need – and we’re so proud you’ve chosen to work with us. Thank you!

2017 Financial Secretaries Conference 6-10 March 2017
The Financial Secretaries Conference returned to Orlando; this time near Disney Springs at the Lake Buena Vista Palace Hotel. RCS lead the LM and 990 classrooms.

2016 RCSNG User Training 20-21 September 2016
RCS and the 865 Union Hall welcomed the group to our first class focusing primarily on RCSNG.

2016 May Darleen retires
Our beloved Darleen decides to hang up her calculator and focus on family. We miss her immediately but wish her well!

2016 Financial Secretaries Conference
The 2016 Financial Secretaries Conference was held in sunny Orlando at the Doubletree near Universal.

RCSNG Financial is officially released! November 2015
Our first non-testers jumped to RCSNG financial! Exciting times for our team; we’re so proud of all the new features RCSNG offers and thrilled by the positive response.

2015 “RCS Bootcamp” 27-28 October 2015
Our East Moline training class spent Tuesday working in our NRT version of the software, and Wednesday flashing forward to RCSNG.

Connie Turner joins RCS Support Summer 2015
Connie brings years of UAW experience (from Local 3000) and great positive attitude to the team. Connie will be a key player in the RCSNG migration and training going forward.

RCS begins the migration to the brand new RCSNG Membership May 2014
RCSNG goes live with its first users! Great feedback and lots of customization ensue. The users love the modern feel and flexibility of the new web based tool.

UAW Financial Secretaries’ Conference, Las Vegas 22 Feb – 1 Mar 2014
RCS teamed up the the UAW Auditing staff to help hundreds of locals with their 2013 LM and 990 Forms for the first time in fabulous Las Vegas. Most of us gladly escaped our snowy homes for a trip out west to get the job done and of course, have a little fun! In addition to our regular class work and workshop time we took the opportunity to showcase our upcoming web-based RCS Next Generation Software.

RCS User Training in East Moline, IL 17-18 Sept 2013
We hosted about 100 users from locals all over the country in East Moline, IL this week with the help of our friends at UAW Local 865 hall and UAW Auditor Bill Stephen. We covered RCS Membership and Financial from the basics all the way to advanced inquiries. There was also a much anticipated reveal of the upcoming RCSNG, RCS Next Generation, software- we’re so excited!

2013 Region 4 12 Aug 2013
Ken and Keri joined in at the Region 4 Conference in Ottawa, IL to talk with Financial Secretaries and bookkeepers about the current and upcoming new RCS software offerings.

Ken joins training at Black Lake August 2013
Ken met up with UAW Auditing and executive staff at Black Lake, MI. There was a lot of brain storming but the weather was beautiful.

2007  RCS User’s Conference  19 Feb 2007
Our 2007 User’s Conference was held in Orlando, Florida the week of 12 February.  Each year attendance grows as our customers have spread the word of the value of the 3-day learning experience.  This was by far the best conference ever, assisted by Region 8 Assistant Director & UAW International auditor. Here’s a great letter complimenting the value of the RCS  conference.  The letter is written by David “Skip” Angles, President of UAW Local 533 to Secretary-Treasure Elizabeth Bunn.   New Computer Runtime Platform 31 Jan 2007   Roberts Custom Software is now making available an enhanced Runtime Platform.  This new platform will greatly increase the processing of RCS Software Packages.  In order to utilize this new platform, Roberts Custom Software initiated change to over 600 programs.   Having the new enhanced “NRT” platform allows you to:

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