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Back in 1992, while working as a computer programmer for John Deere I received a call from the Financial Secretary of UAW Local 865 here in East Moline, IL. My wife and I played in a local band and had performed at many union halls in our area. George (Financial Secretary at Local 865) called me to stop by and talk.

George showed me a paper that had several names on it and all were crossed off but mine. He was frustrated with his current software and had been looking for a better way to handle the UAW Financial process. I contacted the company he had been using but they were less than friendly to work with. Ultimately, he asked if I would design something specifically for them. After some discussion, I agreed as long as they would get together with some other Locals to join in and agree to meet on a regular basis to assist in designing exactly what they needed.

After 18-months of collaboration, we finished the financial software. RCS got its start by filling a need! We combined forces with these local union officers to develop a product specifically for unions. I thought my job was done… but then my phone began ringing! Other locals had heard about the program and were eager to simplify their jobs too. Twenty-five years later, the RCS software and staff have supported over 400 Union locals, Regional offices, and Cap councils.

RCS remains the only software supplier whose primary focus is union locals. Our singular focus means we understand the unique requirements and challenges these organizations face. We started out with the UAW’s practices and high standards as our model and maintain that level of detail to ensure locals of any affiliation can easily maintain accurate and transparent records.

The team: Jenny, Connie, Terry, Keri, Lori, Patty, and Sheila all with Ken!

Today the RCS staff has grown to nine and we offer multiple software programs and training classes. We work with union Locals ranging in size of 23 members all the way to over 12,000 members. We strive to give them all access to the same high level of support and exactly the software tools they need.

— Ken Roberts

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Toll Free: 866 727 8291