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We feel our Software Packages and Complete Financial Services for the labor trades are second to none; primarily because we work closely with you. You told us what you wanted and that’s what we provide. All four software packages are approved by the UAW International. Should you have any questions, we’d be happy to talk with you further on any of these packages.

RCS Financial Software

“I highly recommend Roberts Custom Software to anyone. I found the competition to be intimidating and now I work with confidence.”
Melody Glover – Local 933

“We are machine operators and assemblers, not accountants. The RCS software is easy to use and has simplified my work as a UAW Financial Secretary.”
Bob Buller – Local 434

RCS Membership/Dues Software

“…they are continually improving the software. Ken and his staff welcome any suggestions that we the daily users may find beneficial for improving our work performance.”
Joe Hribar – Local 2000

RCS Grievance Processing Software

“The Grievance program, which was customized to our particular needs, is a blessing since we write anywhere from 40 to 70+ grievances a month.”
Elaine Gima – Local 588

Service and Support

“Your commitment to an excellent product is exceeded only by your commitment to the users of that product.”
Shep Clyman – Local 2110

RCS LM-2, LM-3, 990LF, 990EZ Worksheets

“This report, which used to take me 2-weeks to do, now it’s done in 2-days. You have made this job much more manageable.”
Jim Theisen – Local 94

“Most of the time we can finish our LM2 within a day or two with the RCS program doing most of the work for me. This feature alone is an amazing time and money saver.”
Peggy Thrasher – Local 2150

“In the past, I have spent numerous weeks of untold grief getting the LM Report done. Now with RCS, this report is available at the press of a button.”
Kenny Wallace – Local 588

RCS Complete Financial Services

“I cannot imagine keeping up with all the paper work and forms that is expected of a Financial Secretary without the help of RCS.”
Susan Schultz, Financial Secretary – Local 291

“I was notified by the IRS that money was owed on taxes plus penalties – no one’s personal fault, but no one was a bookkeeper or accountant- RCS removed a great burden from our shoulders”
Mark Masterson, Financial Secretary – Local 1070

“We were behind on everything that pertains to a union’s financial commitments, my stress factor was of the scale, RCS went to work for us and performed a small miracle.”
Dennis McGee, President/Chairman – Local 3031

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Toll Free: 866 727 8291