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The #1 provider of Financial, LM, 990, Tax, Membership and Dues, and Grievance software for the labor trades

Our software packages are very user friendly customized to the specific needs of your Union.

  • Reduce up to 80% of your time & money spent completing the Department of Labor LM forms
  • Easily complete your IRS – 990 form and schedules
  • Easily complete your federal & state forms
  • Over 70% reduction of your financial bookkeeping process
  • Easily complete your grievance processing
  • Easily track your membership activity

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We remain the only software supplier whose primary focus is Union Locals. We offer a unique level of understanding and personal service that no other vendor can provide — that we can promise you.

Our software automates the familiar flow of the manual bookkeeping process for your monthly and annual responsibilities. The end result is simplified data entry, reduced potential errors, and a wealth of reporting designed specifically for your needs — from financial reports to LM and 990 worksheets.



Every local needs someone they can count on to prepare financial reports for union meetings and International — as well as handle all of the local, state and federal filings and tax requirements. Maybe this job is not for you?

In addition to software, RCS also offers Complete Financial Services. Let our professional and experienced staff complete all financial bookkeeping, balancing & reporting for you!

We can simplify your responsibilities and assure accurate reporting through out the year. Make sure you are 100% in compliance!



  • Financial Bookkeeping
  • Department of Labor LM3 & LM2
  • IRS 990 LF & 990EZ
  • Member & Dues tracking and reporting
  • Grievance Software